UK citizens want co-operation and free commerce with our partners in the European Union, but a majority believes that too much power has been transferred to Brussels; in areas ranging from policing to employment law, from Health and Safety to financial regulation, our citizens want more control over their own lives.

The Fresh Start Project will work with MPs across party lines, along with leading 'think tanks', interest groups, Lords, MEPs and constitutional experts to:

1. Examine the options for a new UK-EU relationship;

2. Set out what this new relationship could look like;

3. Establish a process for achieving change; and

4. Build political support to make it happen.

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10 JUL 2012

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We have read your Executive Summary - Options for Change - and generally agree with all therein. It is interestying that with all said and done, there is no reference to any reason why GB should stay in the EU. You illustrate many disadvantages but not one advantage, thus giving a biassed overall impression of Fresh Start's phiposophy. It might be fairer if your summary included some of the advantages of staying iin the EU, otherwise just recommend a fast exit.
- Andrew

On this morning's today programme Ken Clarke challenged John Humphrys to name the directives from which the UK should derogate (apart from the working time directive). So which ones are they ?
- Hedgelayer

I was pleased to see your article in the Tribune concerning immigration. I expressed my fear of The flood of people coming in from Bulgaria and Rumania in my recent email to your office and am pleased tosee that you are doing your best to address this issue. Would you also look at the Roma that have come here from Slovakia, they seem to be coming to live off benefits and according to The World Service many of their children are being taken into care because their way of rearing children does not meet our traditions or standards - the Slovaks didn't want them, so why should we! You won't see this tackled on the Today programe because it isn't a Liberal or P.C point of view. Keep up the good work
- Gaynor Oldroyd

Our servicemen and women laid down their lives for a free Europe in two wars and now these very same countries want to be united in a federal state of Europe. What a complete waste of their lives It is a disgrace that we are even thinking that we need to renegotiate our terms of involment when we should be pulling right out.
- Graham

The European working time directive give workers a number of rights like meal breaks and holidays. I work 12hour shifts and my company already try to get staff to take less than the regulated time. Also why is it easier to sack someone in the UK than the rest of Europe?
- Davel

I agree that it would be better and simpler just to leave the EU, but it is a question of practical politics. Only a Government can take us out, and the chances of a Labour or Lib government doing so are zero. So that leaves the Conservatives, and they have somehow managed to unite around a policy of negotiate first, then let the voters decide. So if this is the only practicable route, then let's get the debate started, and spell out what we want from the renegotiation. Fresh Start has done a public service by producing its paper. After William Hague's review is complete, we will know where Mr Cameron stands. We can then start finding out whether EU leaders are prepared to negotiate seriously and how tough Cameron is prepared to be. I am not optimistic but it is worth a try. Of course when the Euro collapses thing may look different.
- Ken Worthy

Things will look different in January when an immigration influx is foreseeable, Then we will have the EU elections where a swing to UKIP is foreseeable, Then the general election where an outright Tory majority is ,,,? Then that Scottish independence vote which if 'yes' would throw the whole situation into confusion, We should be careful what we wish for,
- Richard Tebboth

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