The EU's single labour market has given UK nationals the right to work in the EU and EU nationals the right to work in the UK. There are over 280,000 UK nationals working in other EU states and c. 2.4 million EU citizens living in the UK. The largest impact on the UK labour market has been felt in low skilled occupations where competition for a relatively static number of jobs has increased.1 EU immigration, as with other immigration, has an associated impact on the welfare state and public services. The EU also has a growing influence on asylum and immigration policy.

The Fresh Start Project will look at EU labour mobility and its effects on the UK in a dispassionate manner, weighing up the benefits to the UK economy and people against the costs and the effects it has on specific occupations. It will analyse whether the balance between the UK and EU on key areas such as asylum policy are correct, and how the EU's labour market has responded to the integration of poorer accession states and what lessons can be learned for future accessions.


Immigration Chapter (10 Jul 2012)

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Open Europe Report (31 Mar 2012)

TREAD CAREFULLY: The impact and management of EU free movement and immigration policy

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The minutes of the APPG for European Reform meeting on Immigration can be found here.

Supporting Documents:

- The slides used in the meeting can be read here

The minutes of the Fresh Start Group meeting on the Common Agricultural Policy can be found here.