EU social law comprises a broad range of legislation from social and employment law to health and safety law, while also at times merging with EU Single Market and even transport legislation.

EU social law not only regulates, but can also liberalise, an increasing trend since the euro-crisis. It therefore touches on strongly held principles on both the left and right. In Europe there are a number of different social models, the Anglo-Saxon (UK and Ireland), the Continental (France and Germany), the Scandinavian, the Latin (Greece, Spain and Italy) and the post-Communist. All these countries have had to compromise their national traditions with that of the EU. Although broadly speaking, the right wish to see less and the left wish to see more regulation this misses the question of where social laws should be made, in the UK or the EU?

The Fresh Start Project will examine whether the EU is the correct place to decide social policy, the costs involved and how a UK Government might be able to legally protect itself from EU social law of both the liberal and regulatory type.

Social and Employment Law Chapter (06 Mar 2012)

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Repatriating EU social policy: The best choice for Jobs and Growth? (09 Nov 2011)

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